Saturday, August 22, 2015


 Children of the Corn!!!!!  Love those Gerrie Kids!

 The entire crew.  Prosperity of Norman and June Gerrie.

 Austin Gerrie from Massachusetts.
 Norm and Diane Gerrie....The namesake guy and his lovely wife.

 The cute chef we hired....Mrs. Sarah Gerrie.

 The Leslie Munroe Gerrie Family!!!!  They are really wild!

 Mr. Austin Gerrie
The best part of the reunion for him was driving
uncle Nate's pick-up truck.

 Ronalie Gerrie, Sarah Gerrie and Diane Gerrie.  Lushes!

 Center front is the kindest women in the world, Mrs. Ske Gerrie
with her daughter-in-laws....Diane and Sarah.

Mr. Joe Gerrie feeling his oats on the trampoline with his family.

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